Terms and conditions

Use of this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions below. We recommend reading these carefully. The company assumes the right to modify these provisions without further notice. The latest version can be found by accessing the “Terms and Conditions” page in the footer of the site’s pages. The company that manages the website https://www.romdiag.ro, hereinafter referred to as ROMDIAG, is a trading company S.C. Romdiag S.R.L., registered at the Trade Register with no. J22 / 772/2021 and having the Unique Registration Code: RO 43844038.

1. Copyright
The entire content of the site https://www.romdiag.ro – images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphics, scripts, programs and other data – is the property of the company and its suppliers and is protected by the Law of the right of author of the laws on intellectual and industrial property. The use without the written consent of the company of any of the elements listed above is punished according to the laws in force.

2. Access to information on the site

The company guarantees to all users limited access, in personal interest, on the site https://www.romdiag.ro and does not grant them the rights to download or modify partially or completely the site, to reproduce partially or completely to copy, sell / resell or exploit the site in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of the company without its prior written consent.

3. Limitation of liability for products and services

The products are offered in the form they come from the manufacturer and also within the available stock. We cannot make any warranty, express or implied, with respect to, but not limited to, the operation of this site, the information, content, materials or products on the site, and their suitability for a particular purpose. Users expressly agree that the use of this site and the purchase of products or services is at your own risk, in terms of the fact that we can not guarantee the availability in stock of all products presented.

The images published on the site have the title of example, and the delivered products can sometimes differ from the images presented in any way (color, accessories, appearance, etc.). The company and its suppliers reserve the right to modify the technical specifications of the products without prior notice. We do not assume responsibility for the descriptions of the products presented in the website https://www.romdiag.ro, these being identical to those made available to us by the representatives of the imported brand.
The company is directly responsible for any defects of the products purchased from its store. All responsibility for these defects and their repair lies with our authorized service as long as they are under warranty.
Regardless of the method of sending the order (on site, by e-mail, by phone, by other method) acceptance of this order, so the conclusion of the agreement of will and the sale-purchase contract is made when the customer receives the accompanying tax invoice the product. The fiscal invoice takes the place of the sale-purchase contract. The launch of the order, the automatic e-mail that is sent after receiving the order and the telephone discussions, by e-mail and by any other methods, with the staff, do not constitute firm acceptance of the order and therefore do not mean the conclusion of the distance contract.

4. Limitation of liability for prices
The prices shown include VAT (19%). These may also include delivery costs if the transport is collected by the sender, or will not be included in the invoicing if the transport is determined with payment to the recipient. The purchase price printed on the invoice will be the same as the one established by the sales consultant when confirming the order as a firm order or, in the case of prepaid orders, this price will be the one published on the site at the time of purchase. If the transport price is not included in the invoice, this service will be invoiced by the courier company, in this case the transport invoicing as well as the issuance of the receipt related to the transport cost, are offered by the courier company.

5. Limitation of liability for delivery
The delivery of the products has a national expansion area and, thus, it will be done anywhere in Romania. Romdiag reserves the right to confirm orders before honoring them by contacting customers. The transport costs are integrated between 10 lei and 19 lei, depending on the delivery area where the customer is and the services selected by him. If the customer adds the opening service to the delivery, it is added to the initial cost of transport.
Romdiag SRL reserves the right to delay or cancel deliveries of ordered products if they cannot be honored for independent reasons including: fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, government actions, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, riots, riots civil or other impediments of force majeure, according to the customs of Romanian law. If the client is not found at the mentioned address, within the time interval established by mutual agreement, our courier will return once more after restoring the contact with the client. Returning to the customer for the second time in a row does not charge additional costs from the customer, but if the order was canceled due to failure to pick up and the customer wants to resend the order, then additional delivery costs will be borne by the customer.
If a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical errors or errors in pricing or information about products received from our suppliers, we have the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for products that presents such errors, including those paid with the card where the amount will be returned later in the respective bank account.

6. Limitation of liability for links to other sites, server, browser

The site is hosted by the servers of a third party company. S.C Romdiag will not be held responsible for any errors on the site regardless of the reasons for their occurrence, including changes to the site, settings, or updates. S.C Romdiag S.R.L cannot be held responsible for errors due to the use of certain browsers for visiting the site https://www.romdiag.ro

If a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical errors or errors in pricing or information about products received from our suppliers, we have the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for products that presents such errors, including those paid with the card where the amount will be returned later in the respective bank account.

7. The right to return and replace the products
The customer has the right to notify Romdiag.ro in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 working days from receiving the product or, in the case of services, from concluding the contract, by returning to this term of the product bought in the original packaging, with all the accessories and without showing traces of damage or wear, the customer bearing the shipping costs according to Romanian laws. This right cannot be invoked in the case of products picked up from our premises or those delivered directly by our staff to the customer or for which the test or installation has been made.
For reasons of customer health protection and reasons of hygiene, the return of products that are part of the categories that serve the consumer’s hygiene, cannot be returned if they have been unsealed, used or only tested. We limit our right to refuse the return of hygiene products if one of the three mentioned actions is found when verifying them.
Any such request / notification will be given, signed and sent by the person registered in the database by e-mail to contact@romdiag.ro
The products can be replaced within 14 working days from their receipt by the customer. Replacement conditions are the same as when returning the product. The product or products must be in good working order, undamaged, scratched or broken. The package in which the product comes must be complete with all the included accessories that were offered for sale. The product box must be in good condition and we recommend returning the product in its original box.

8. Disputes and final dispositions
Any other problem caused by the products and services presented on https://www.romdiag.ro or by the information presented on this site and which is not already addressed by any article in this document, will be resolved amicably within 30 working days from the date of written notification of the problems, by the user. If the conflict was not settled amicably, the competence belongs to the Romanian courts, the parties choosing the competence of the courts within the municipality of Iasi. The Client fully assumes these risks once he expresses his agreement with this Contract with the Clients.

9. Limitation of liability for users and partners
The users of the site understand and accept the fact that the information, data and materials posted on the site are by partners and administrators, they are only informative and indicative. This means that the Site Administrator cannot be held liable in any case or manner for the veracity and validity of the content of the site, including but not limited to the veracity and correctness of information and data provided by users on the site, or for any legal effect arising from their use.

It is forbidden to post on the site any content that contains obscene or vulgar language messages, illegal texts, threats, abuses, racist messages, indecent materials or discrimination against people in any way and that violates the rights and freedoms of people, according to current legislation.

The users of the site understand and accept that in case of violation in any measure of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the Site Administrator has the right and will be able to discretionally partially or totally suspend the user’s access to any service provided by Romdiag.ro, without no prior warnings or notifications and without the need for any other formalities in this regard.



According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and of Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector Romdiag has the obligation to manage safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data you provide us about you, a member of your family or a another person. The purpose of data collection is to be able to send packages to you. You are / are not obliged to provide the data, which are necessary when creating the invoice and sending the package to you. Your refusal determines the non-receipt of the order and the non-transmission of the package to you.
Sunteţi/nu sunteţi obligat(ă) să furnizaţi datele, acestea fiind necesare la crearea facturii si expedierii coletului catre dvs. Refuzul dvs. determină nepreluarea comenzii si netransmiterea coletului catre dvs.

The website https://www.romdiag.ro is registered to an operator that offers a secure https (secure) domain. This aspect provides the security of the client’s data, once entered on the site, being encrypted. The registered information is intended for use by the operator and is communicated only to the following recipients: Competent authorities of the Romanian State.

* any person has the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of data concerning him. This right of opposition may be excluded for certain processing provided by law (eg processing by financial and tax services, police, justice, social security). Therefore, that statement cannot be made whether the processing is compulsory;
* anyone has the right to object, free of charge and without any justification, to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes.