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If you notice that the engine light is on while driving, please do not panic, just stop and stop the vehicle. Normally, the owner of the personal vehicle does not know how to deal with it. Open the engine cover, but you don’t know what to do next. However, if you have ThinkDriver, you can use ThinkDriver to complete a quick diagnosis. He will find out the problem quickly and correctly.

So what is ThinkDriver?

ThinkDriver is a professional DIY diagnostic tool that is not just a standard OBD II scanner. ThinkDriver can diagnose the entire vehicle system, which is much more functional beyond the normal OBD II scanner.

How to use ThinkDriver?

This fantastic product is easy to use. All you have to do is get a ThinkDriver, download the ThinkDriver app, and sign in to your account (register first if you don’t have one). On the main page, there are four functional options: full system diagnostics, OBD functions, flashlight and acceleration timer. If the error light is on, you can connect ThinkDriver to the vehicle’s OBD port and choose Full System Diagnostics to diagnose. ThinkDriver will automatically scan the VIN to identify the vehicle model and year. Just confirm and enter the full vehicle system diagnostics, then choose the diagnostic connector (most vehicles have 16 PINs, except for a few models). After choosing the model and year, you will see the information about the vehicle with VIN, vehicle name, model code, engine type, year and number of cylinders. Click “OK” and a notification will appear. Click “OK” again and then select the full quick scan of the system. It may take a few minutes. After the scan you can easily check all the systems and if there are any problems. Select the system with the error code. The engine system, for example, choose the engine and gearbox systems, there will be three options: read the error code, clear the error code and read the data flow. Select to read the error code and you will find out the cause of the failure. After resolving the issue, choose to clear the error code and turn off the engine failure light. Finally, you can check the data flow to see if the vehicle is operating normally. After the diagnosis is complete, ThinkDriver will provide a detailed diagnostic report with all the results.

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